The curious case of the iPhone X

06C833E5-89D3-4DF2-ADFB-935FD20A73F9I anxiously waited for the clock to strike 10.30pm on the eleventh of September 2017 on the ‘Microsoft  Edge’ browser of my windows laptop to view the Livestream launch of the Apple’s new products at the new ‘Steve jobs theatre’ at apple’s brand new office in Cupertino, marking the tenth anniversary of the  iPhone by steve jobs, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook,  dedicated the event to the Maestro of iphone, and one by one unveiled the new lineup of  Apple  for  2017,the Apple watch, Apple tv were launched, I patiently waited for that one special moment, the  new iPhone, when the iPhone 8 and iphone 8 plus were announced, it left me quite dejected, the featuresand specifications were  almost similiar to the previous iPhone and the mysterious iphone X wasn’t announced yet, moments later, the iPhone x, the exclusive  New Age iPhone was announced, and it left everyone around  the globe speechless, this was the iphone epeople were waiting for, but the price in India  Rs.1lac,2 thousand  was simply out of  the budget for most of us indians, for me, purchasing an iPhone, still remains a distant dream, I started reminiscing about the world of phones in India, being born and brought up in a small town, even landline phones were magical for me, The first time, I saw a phone was in my father’s office, I was quite young, and all i saw was a bazooka type of reciever accompanied with a huge round dial,with numbers on the phone device,where one had to insert his finger to dial the number, it was fun though, later on STD ISD local pco boxes popped up in my town, and making phone calls to my relatives in big cities became easier,


Then one of my father’s friend introduced me to a MOTOROLA pager,where one could send  numerical messages, that was around 1995,but it was not until 1999 that we got a landline phone unit at home, but still making STD calls needed something called TRUNK CALL system, then, with the change of the millennium, wireless phones, entered the Indian markets, thats a mobile phone, I was fascinated by a tiny device, which didn’t have any wire, and making STD calls became easier, but it still wasn’t affordable, the landline unit in the house was replaced by a cordless Panasonic device,


the headset had a rubber antenna,with buttons on the reciever, and I loved the feeling of using it like a mobile, limited to the Range of 2 to 3 rooms,

alas it was around 2003, that my father purchased a mobile phone, it was a Nokia device, with a black and white display and an idea simcard, incoming calls weren’t free those days, but i loved the melodious ringtones, soon the important shopping centres in the town displayed hoardings about the avaibility of recharge coupons of BPL mots, BSNL, MTNL, orange(Hutch),  Reliance,Idea,we switched to a postpaid BSNL connection later, my relatives in the city had Colour display NOKIA phones with games like bounce, but all we had was snakes,   by the time I left school, I got accustomed to a new range of Nokia phones, which now had a 2 megapixel camera and 256 MB memory cards, I asked my father to buy me one, but those costed over  ten thousand rupees, by the time, a new NOKIA N series phones arrived, that was 2008, as I started my Engineering days, I had no idea about what an iphone was, I was gifted a Nokia xpress music phone by my elder brother in 2010, that was when I got a camera plus music phone which ran on a symbian OS, it was in 2012,when my project partner introduced me to his iphone 3S bought from the UAE, the Android phones from Samsung were seen around the same time, Exit Nokia, welcome to the new world of smartphones, my dad gifted me my first Android smartphone after my placement, it costed me   around 20 thousand rupees, but it was quite awesome, the iphone 5 series was launched in 2013-2014, and a huge hype was created, come 2016 and the launch of iphone 7 made a lot of news and jokes too, the iPhone7 was so costly in India that people would have to sell their kidneys to buy one, people said, those who had relatives or friends abroad got an sim free  version for them which stilll cost  half a lakh rupees, amongst all these hype around, I was content with my medium budget Android phone which still came below 15 thousand rupees,

When the e commerce websites announced  discounts on  costly iphones, a lot of them, bought the older generation 16gb variants which were  now available below the 20 thousand price bracket, their budget was actually set for  high range Android phones, but owning an iPhone meant a higher respect in the society, at a cost of compromising on the storage capacity of the phone, i.e. just 16gb, Even after such offers,I wasn’t ready to compromise on the smaller  4 inch screen size and the 16/32GB storage, I  searched for the newer second handmodels of iphones on the used products websites, but my mind wasn’t still ready to buy an iPhone, with the launch of the iphone 8 and the iPhone X, those dreams now remain a distant hope, and I continue to be content with my Android, with the launch of 5G network rolling out soon, I have totally discarded the thought of purchasing an iPhone until 2020,
It is said that the place where the price of the iphone is cheapest is Hongkong, while it costs Rs.1,02,000 in India, you could travel to and fro from Hongkong, buy an iphone X there, and still save some money,

Episode 17

“Avantika, message kar na kar na, kar na,”Aakash was murmuring as he waited vdesperately for her to message him, but with no chance that she would reply, ‘good night sweet dreams take care Avantika,’whatsapped Aakash, Avantika meanwhile, exhausted due to the hectic day, was sleeping heavily,  Aakash waited for a good half an hour, before  dozing off… The love-story was  going to take a dramatic twist as Hrishikesh too was  trying to  woo Avantika, and with  Aakash away from Avantika, things would turn not what Aakash would have expected…

Episode 16

you are looking absolutely stunning, Avantika,”Rishikesh complimented Avantika,  Avantika was surprised, but she didn’t make it evident through her face or behaviour, coming back to her senses, “thankyou Rishikesh,”she thanked him, and smiled, she made herself comfortable at the table, she placed her dish and arranged the spoon forks, she moved her plate to get the food in her dish, “here let me have the opportunity to serve you,”Rishikesh offered to serve her, she was taken aback by his moves, but brushed off these incidents as casual coincidence, but she was smelling something fishy, she went ahead and enjoyed the dinner, discussing with her team about the upcoming performances, it was about 11.30pm according to the local time as they dragged themselves towards their rooms, Avantika rushed towards her bed as soon as she opened her door, she flumged her phone in a corner of the lavish king-size bed and doozed off almost instantly, her phone beeped twice, she checked it, Aakash it displayed, but she didn’t have the strength to reply back and she slept

Episode 15

Avantika was amazed by the beauty of Alexandria, located off the Mediterranean coast,  the hotel rooms at the Four Seasons were  luxurious and she was loving it,  she asked the receptionist​ about the with fi service and told to check it in the  information  booklet kept in her room,  Aakash left office and headed towards home, it had been a tiresome day for him, he had a shower and  was rolling on his bed when he remembered about Avantika, he checked WhatsApp, where Avantika had sent him her selfies at Doha and Alexandria Airports and the one clicked just outside her hotel, “hey Avantika, awesome photos, you are looking beautiful,”he sent her,  She finally got the wi-fi in her room and uploaded a dozen of photos on Instagram and Facebook, her WhatsApp   displayed 30 unread messages, she ignored most of them, but her fingers paused at Aakash’s profile,  she read his message and sent him a photo of her room,  just then somebody knocked the door of her room “who is it?” She asked, “”be ready at 9 pm for dinner,” a female voice answered, “ok fine, ” Avantika replied, it was her colleague,  she went to the balcony of her room, which was as big as a medium sized terrace, a beautiful view of the Mediterranean sea was visible along with the street lights illuminating the roads near the coast and cars swiftly moving  next to it, “it’s truly like the pearl of the Mediterranean,” but not as beautiful as our Marine drive,” she said to herself, another set of photos followed, she drank some water and got ready for the  dinner, she wore a red  dress with Stiletto to add some grace to her 5’1 height, some makeup and she rushed to the dinner venue,   only to find a vacant chair next to her co-star Rishikesh

Episode 14

Reached Mumbai Airport,3:30am,” the WhatsApp message displayed, Aakash had just woke up,  “hey happy journey, text me again, when you reach Alexandria,” he  messaged her,  he got  ready for office, ”

“InDoha 6:15 am,” another message came,  he didn’t reply and left for office, she saw him online, but since he didn’t reply, she went to explore the airport terminal, with her colleagues, luxurious stores, beautiful stores and just stores, I wish I could buy this, that and the never ending list went on, she went to each store, but all she managed in the end was window shopping, she finally halted at a restaurant where she had a lunch and went back to her gate, she flipped a marathi novel, and found way to spend some time, she clicked a few photos and uploaded it on Instagram, she checked the feed, found nothing interesting, she was getting bored, she whatsapped Aakash and some of her friends, but none replied, oh how  dearly, I miss India, everyone’s busy back home and this idiot Aakash, even he isn’t replying, “, she murmured, her connecting flight was at 3.30pm IST and it was an another 3 and a half hours journey to Borg el Arab Airport of Alexandria,  she finally landed at Alexandria at 5.30 pm IST, she  updated the same on Facebook and also whatsapped Aakash,   an another hour drive from the Airport, she reached the  Four Seasons Hotel at San Stefano,

Episode 13

They went to her bedroom, she was very  curious to know what gift it was,  she quickly opened the wrapper and a mobile case  became visible to her, “a mobile case?” She felt disappointed, “why on earth, did  you gift me a mobile case, Aakash?” She  said making her disappointment evident,  “I carry my phone in my handbag, so there’s no reason for it to get dirty or any screen issues, why Aakash, why, you could have gifted me something awesome,” she told him, his face sulked after seeing her reaction, “atleast open the entire wrapping,” he told her, she opened  the wrapper and  was surprised looking at the mobile case, it had a photo of theirs, clicked at Lonavla, in the rains, Avantika looked damn beautiful in it, she loved it, “that’s so sweet of you Aakash, I am loving it 😘, well, where did you get it from?, We look so fantastic in this one,”she said, as a smile blossomed on her face,” “I got it customized online, all I needed was your phone model and a photo,” he replied, “but when did you click this one, you didn’t give me this photo,’ she said,”I clicked it when we just left the restaurant, walking around in Lonavla, when it had just started raining, when you were opening the umbrella, I seized the opportunity and clicked it, I purposely didn’t give you, because it was clicked without your permission,” he winked, “tell me what’s that one thing, we always have with us no matter what,”he asked her, “mobile,” she said, “so when you go to Alexandria and even feel lonely, just look at your phone and you won’t feel lonely, just think about the good memories, about this photo, how beautiful someone is looking in this photo,”he said, “awwww. .. well this is the best thing you could gift me, I was so wrong about you,M sorry Aakash,”she said, “okay, now gimme your phone, Lemme do this for you,”he said, he inserted her phone in the case as the flap covered the screen, with their photo touching the screen, “here it’s done, I gotta go now, it’s late and even you have to go tomorrow, all the best, happy journey, bubye, take care, message me when you leave and also when you reach Alexandria,”he said and he waved, “Aakash……,” She  called, “ha bol na,”he tu around and looked at her, “nothing… ,” She said, “bye,” she went​ downstairs to leave him,

Episode 12

He held her hand gently, as they entered ‘cafe goodluck’,  the restaurant was crowded and  Aakash couldn’t find any unoccupied table, so, he waited until he found one for almost 10 minutes, when finally a couple departed, he quickly rushed towards the table and secured the place, he then waved towards Avantika, as soon as his eyes fell on her, he was awestruck,   by her beauty.    That Sharp nose, those perfectly arched eyebrows, enticing black eyes,  resembling black pearls,  medium length twirled  black hair with a few curls, her  wheatish complexion, alluring lips. “finally Aakash,”we have got a table, I am sooooo hungry…… Order na something,”she told him, “I am opting for non veg, and you ?,”he asked her, “Punjabi, paneer wala kuch bhi,”she replied,  he ordered, “it’s too crowded na today, not even a table to sit,” she said, “it’s already 9pm, how can you expect it, notto be crowded?,” He said, “thank God we  reached here, just  in time, that too because I was hungry, or else you toh would have  left me to die without food today,” “oye hello, I came to your flat, directly from office, I had lunch at 2.30 pm, sirf tere liye and you are blaming me,”he retaliated,, “koi Ehsaan nahi kar rahe ho, treat is from me, you had the option of Barbeque nation, but you refused, so,  ab muh band rakh,”she said, “15-20 minutes ho Gaye yaar, ab toh de do,”she pleaded to the waiter, “madam  gardi aahe,  yeil(it’s crowded, it will come),”the waiter assured her, Aakash meanwhile was enjoying the aroma of the delicacies around, just then their food was served, it took them another 20 minutes to finish their dinner, she paid the bill, and they proceeded back home, Aakash  stopped the bike near an ice Cream parlour and bought two chocolate cornettos, “here you go Avantika, a small treat from me as he winked at her,””awwww, perfect…..”she said, her gleaming smile  was clearly visible in the blanket of twinkling stars, she licked the ice cream stuck on her lips and they returned home,  just when she was climbing the stairs, “Avantika,” he called her, “what?”she responded and rushed towards him, “close your eyes,and open your palms”he told her, she was surprised and nervous at the same time,he kept a small package in her palms,  now open your eyes,” he told her, “what’s this?” She asked, “Idont know,” he said, “oh come-on, don’t act like a child,” she said, “let’s go upstairs and check if all your stuff is ready,” he avoided answering her, they went upstairs and straight into her room, they  made sure everything was fine and  he left,