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Samaira Episode 2

Chauhan sir finished Krish’s treatment and asked Samaira to take the gym session  of krish, and they all proceeded towards the gym section, they started with the leg press,  krish was still weak and was unable to  utilise his energy to push. It, Samaira   Held his affected leg and encouraged him to push harder, Arjun joined her, the pulley  went up as KrishTried with all his might, unfortunately the pulley came down with a bang and a part of it hit his leg, oouch’ yelled Krish in pain,  his knee bed, as he was crying in pain, Samaira was taken aback, and seemed scared as she didn’t judge the reaction of the pulley to be so severe, ‘I am sorry sir,’, she apologised to Krish, but Krish seemed unperturbed, he ignored her and turned his face away from her, this made her eyes filled with guilt, Arjun told her it was fine and that he would comfort Krish, he had a conversation with Krish, Krish was short tempered but on Arjun’s insistence forgave Samaira, smiles were exchanged and Samaira heaved a sigh of relief,  ‘Thankyou Arjun, Thanks a lot,’ Samaira thanked Arjun, ‘Arey  there’s no need, he is a bit short tempered, and I have spoken to him, he’s fine with it, don’t worry,’. Arjun told her, he smiled at her, she smiled at him too, good byes were exchanged as everyone left the gym, see you tomorrow, Arjun said, Samaira nodded affirmatively, ‘Bye Krish,’she waved,

Samaira Episode 1

She’s a very intelligent student, scored 95 percent in her  ICSE board class  12 exams, her professor said,  she was standing with her face towards Arjun’s back, and hence he didn’t  know  who, Professor chauhan was referring to..  little did arjun know that  Samaira was the one !!
Arjun was accompanying his friend Krish to the Jindal  orthopaedic hospital, where  he was undergoing physiotherapy. Treatment for his  injuries, the interns had flocked around Prof. Chauhan, to observe his treatment methodology,


Oh gosh,  deepika, katrina,alia are not even close, truly an indian beauty, her  mesmerising eyes, coquettish smile,   this is called love at first sight, South Indian beauties….😘😍
Priya Prakash Varrier is the girl of the moment ❤️


So, thankyou #PriyaPrakashVarrier for being the valentine for all us, single indians, who, otherwise would have spent yet another valentine’s day, without a valentine, your eyes are really very beautiful, expressive and so is your smile, you made millions of indians fall in love with you, to go weak in their knees, you became a superstar in just a day, raatoraat superstar !!! Accha chalta hu, duaon mein  yaad rakhna was also special indeed, A perfect combo of huma Qureshi and Parineeti Chopra ❤️ #myDesiGirl
#Valentine2018 ☺️😍😂

PS:  a few  people, girls especially , argued with me that she isn’t beautiful and just a girl next door, I replied,  the e beauty of a girl lies in her eyes, voice, hair, her smile and her heart, this is what, I  was forwarded, by priya  haters,


But it hasn’t stopped me from admiring Priya,

People will start trolling and creating memes once you become a superstar, whatever people say, I personally feel priya Varrier is one of the most beautiful  girls right now  #feb2018

indian girls are getting jealous 💆🏼‍♀️