09. 05. 2022

i really like you. i wasn’t looking for anyone, to be honest. you were just my friend, but somewhere down the line, i realised that nobody gets me like you do.
you understand me. you find my lame jokes funny. you have the same choices as mine. with you, i don’t have to explain myself. with you, i don’t have to be someone i am not.
you are my ideal person. you are the right amount of caring and mature. you match my crazy. you are an early riser and I sleep late, but i love how i wake up to cute good morning wishes. you make my day.
you make me happy, but i can’t be with you. i am afraid of the idea of falling in love again. the last time i fell in love, i fell hard. all it left me with was a broken heart and a lot of sleepless nights.
the thing is, i am not ready. i am not ready to give my heart to someone. it took me so long to be okay, and the fear is what holds me back.
so, even though i know that what we have is perfect, i am too scared to take a chance. i am too scared to give love another chance.

05. 05. 2022

Actress- Shivani Baokar
© Shivani Baokar
Picture used for representational purpose only.

“Sometimes you can’t explain

what you see in a person. It’s just

the way they take you to a place

where no one else can.”